Namasté. My name is Nacho Albalat. My name as a teacher of Kriya Yoga is Nityananda. I have a BA in Journalism and I am a published author; I have these books traslated to English: "Advancing in Yoga: The path of Kundalini, the chakras and the Siddhas", “Yogic Teachings of Jesus” and “Recovering the Self: Essays on Babaji's Kriya Yoga.” I have also translated to Spanish various spiritual books. You can visit my Kriya Yoga website here (so far only in Spanish).

My work as a Yoga teacher and writer has a correlation with Journalism, in the sense that I am transmitting information, knowledge that is not mine, and I try to adapt it as best as I can to those who receive it. I enjoy sharing this knowledge in seminars and talks.

I love to hear from the readers. If you wish to make a comment, or want to contact me, you can write to me at